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We asked for some Testimonials from our students and these are only some of what we received....

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.  



Megan Z. 

We searched for a karate class for our son and after multiple meetings at other dojos we chose KimNik Karate Academy, and I'm so glad we did.

Our son has grown into loving karate because of the kind and welcoming atmosphere you provide.

Not only that, when some family members of ours were evacuated from their home due to wildfires, they kindly provided a free service for their young boy at no charge. This helped provide some stability and fun for this family who are going through a hard transition. I just can't say enough positive things about the teachings, the atmosphere and the service KNSKA provides. I'm so happy we chose this dojo!!

Megan Zurak

July 17, 2017


Dear Sensei,


I have been wanting to write to you for a while now about this recent observation I made on Swaraj, and I am very glad to share this with you. Recently Swaraj did a folk dance performance on stage along a few of his friends. What was amazing for me in that performance, is to see the agility Swaraj demonstrated. Of course it was heart warming to see that, after what he has gone through. But the reason for this email is to share my feeling that Karate certainly plays a big role in maintaining his balance and fitness. So I have no words to thank you for being his teacher and motivating him in his journey. Love you all for that.




Feb 2016

Janet C.

Sensei Ali and his family dojo have changed our lives for the better.

We started as a family of white belts almost 8 years ago! My husband is an almost two year black belt, and my daughters are both pending. The experience has brought an un-deniable change to our path of life. It has given us strength both physically, and mentally. It has given us the strength to cope with anything that life throws at us.


My girls who were quite young 8 years ago, are now teenagers, they are confident, and respectful beyond the average girls of their age group. The self-defense methods that have been installed into them, leaves me feeling that my girls will and can handle themselves alone in public, no matter what happens.

Peace of mind, and a love for this martial art is what Sensei Ali has given us.

Sensei's wife Kamelia (also a black belt) trains students as well, and she is amazing! I feel privileged that we are a part of this family.


I would recommend this dojo to anyone, and especially joining and training as a family is very special. It creates a bond and special memories that your children will never forget! Plus, we all need the exercise right! I found it easy being in a group environment, with support, friends, and family around me to cheer me on!!

Sensei Ali is a master of Shotokan Karate. His achievements and skills are truly admirable and breathtaking! We are lucky to have this opportunity to be trained by such a kind and caring Sensei.

Janet Chilas
Walnut Grove, April 2015

Darren C. 

A few short months ago I began to study Karate under Sensei Ali at the KimNik Shotokan Karate Academy. In my mid forties and in poor physical condition, it was far outside my comfort zone. Although I have much more to learn, I have already noticed an improvement in my physical conditioning, especially my flexibility.

There exists an atmosphere of mutual support and respect at the Dojo. Sensei Ali, other students and student teachers all participate in supportive environment that has greatly reduced my initial feelings of awkwardness and self-consciousness. As a central tenet of Karate, all students and teachers treat each other with respect - regardless of your age or the color of your belt.  

If you are thinking about starting in Karate, I have no hesitation in recommending the KimNik Shotokan Karate Academy.


J Darren C.

Fort Langley, BC

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