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To our 
Leadership Program

On this page, you will learn about our Leadership Program. 

This program is Free of charge at this time. 

It is to help our students build confidence and take a leadership role. 

We provide the course and supervision. 

What the Program Assistants do? 


The Program Assistants can help with the following under the direct supervision of a certified Karate instructor:

1. Class Control

2. Front of the line Warm-Ups

2. Teaching one-on-one or a smaller group

3. Dojo Kun

4. Helping in other areas as needed



  • Wearing the "Program Assistant" (PA) badge - level 2 & 3

  • Certification at the end of a year

  • Leadership experience

  • Letter of reference when needed. Just imagine what an excellent reference letter can do for you or your child when it talks about your hard work, persistence, leadership experience, and volunteer work. It will reflect on you as someone who has never given up.

  • Our reference letters have helped many students enter universities and workplaces. 

  • Weekly or bi-weekly instruction course/meeting

  • Hands-on experience 

  • Role-play 

  • Supervision and feedback

  • Reciting dojo-kun for the whole class


  • You will be recognized in many situations and examples

  • You may be eligible for some extra attendance for faster belt testing

  • We will pay 50% of expenses for you to take the NCCP course when you reach the top level in PA (Level 3)

  • Could be considered to be one of the Junior Coaches or Officials for BC Winter Games (Level 3)

  • Will be eligible to apply for paid positions when it becomes available (Only PA- level 3)

Judo Belts
Judo Belts

Requirements for
Program Assistant (level 1)
(Entry level - SWAT)

  • Age: 8 and up

  • Belt Level: Orange Belt and higher

  • One year of commitments. 

  • To be in the dojo 10 minutes before their scheduled helping class. 

  • No extra courses or Regular Team Meeting is required for this level.

  • Some occasional small group meeting might be required

There are three levels of Program Assistants 

Requirements for
Program Assistant (level 2)

  • Age: 10 and up

  • Belt Level: Green Belts and higher

  • One year of commitments. 

  • To attend the Team Meeting 

  • To be in the dojo 10 minutes before their scheduled helping class. 

Sunset Martial Arts
Karate Belt

Requirements for Program Assistant (level 3)

  • Age: 14 and up

  • Belt Level: Brown and Black Belts

  • One year of commitments. 

  • To be in the dojo 15 minutes before their scheduled helping class. 

  • To attend the Team Meeting  

  • Excellent communication skills, being able to smile and communicate effectively with students, other instructors, and parents.

  • Get a Criminal Records Check every three years.

  •  Complete the online "Making Headway in Sport." (15 and older)

  • Complete the "Making Ethical Decisions" (15 and older)

  • Taking the National Coaching Certification Course (NCCP) - 16 and older  

To Apply

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. 

Thank you!

We will review and will get back to you if you meet the requirements and your availabilities match our needs. 

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