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Braydon Sieb

1st Degree Black Belt from Japan Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA)

Canada Open Gold medalist

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About Braydon

Braydon Sieb was born in April 2004, started karate at age ten and has been passionate about the practice ever since. Braydon began helping with classes in 2020 and has become a great addition to the KimNik team. He competed at the elite level and joined the BC provincial team in 2022.  He mainly competes in kumite but enjoys kata too. He achieved his NCCP coaching certification in 2023. 


Braydon graduated from Walnut Grove Secondary School in 2022 and has been helping Ali sensei to teach the next generation of karate athletes at KimNik Karate Canada. 


Braydon's goal is to become a world champion, and Ali sensei believes that if he continues training hard both physically and mentally, he will definitely be able to accomplish his goal. 


  • 1st Degree Black Belt from Japan Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA)

  • Born in April 2004

  • Started karate at the age of 10

  •  A part of the BC Provincial Karate 

  • High-level competitor in both Kata and Kumite for many years

  • NCCP Certified (National Coaching Certification Program)


Motto: “Do your best today so that you can do better tomorrow.”


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