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We asked for some Testimonials from our students and these are only some of what we received....

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.  



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Congratulations Sensei Ali!


What an amazing achievement. But very well deserved!


You are inspiring, not only in the way that you teach Karate, but also in the way that you demonstrate the principles of Karate in the way that you live, and interact with others.


Thank you for all that you do for Emily and I, both individually and as a family, and for everything you do for all of the KimNik students as a Dojo family. 


Congratulations again!

Ian, Emily, and Tanya


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It is all thanks to you and your wonderful family.  He was so excited about his grading on Saturday and as I am sure you are fully aware, there is no better feeling for a parent than seeing your child's excitement and enthusiasm for something productive and beneficial.  You and Kamelia have made him feel like he belongs and for that we are eternally grateful and I sincerely hope he continues on this path as it has already made a difference in this short period of time.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 


Feb 2018



Thank you so much for hosting Lily and I in karate class this evening. We had a very wonderful experience, which was quite unexpected, as I have had a difficult time trying to find a physical activity in which Lily is interested. You and your family are very gracious instructors. We would appreciate joining you again on Friday, and finding out more about joining classes on a regular basis. 

August 2017


I wanted to tell you how nice it was to be back last night. I really missed training and being in the dojo while I was away. Its amazing to me how being part of your dojo has affected my little family. The boys and I have a shared focus and have so enjoyed the challenges that are put in front of us each week. Thank you so much for inspiring us. You have created such a special place and we are lucky to be a part of it. 


With such appreciation,



July 2017


We searched for a karate class for our son and after multiple meetings at other dojos we chose KNSKA and I'm so glad we did.

Our son has grown into loving karate because of the kind and welcoming atmosphere you provide.

Not only that, when some family members of ours were evacuated from their home due to wildfires, they kindly provided a free service for their young boy at no charge. This helped provide some stability and fun for this family who are going through a hard transition. I just can't say enough positive things about the teachings, the atmosphere and the service KNSKA provides. I'm so happy we chose this dojo!!

Megan Zurak

July 17, 2017


Veda is enjoying your Karate program. She is always trying out different things at home that she learns in the class. In fact, whenever we mention to our friends that she is taking Karate. She instantly makes a karate pose and gives a shout. She is a shy child but to see her eagerness to show her karate move is amusing.

Thank you and have a great day.


April 2017


Dear Sensei,


I have been wanting to write to you for a while now about this recent observation I made on Swaraj, and I am very glad to share this with you. Recently Swaraj did a folk dance performance on stage along a few of his friends. What was amazing for me in that performance, is to see the agility Swaraj demonstrated. Of course it was heart warming to see that, after what he has gone through. But the reason for this email is to share my feeling that Karate certainly plays a big role in maintaining his balance and fitness. So I have no words to thank you for being his teacher and motivating him in his journey. Love you all for that.




Feb 2016



We feel like Ryder's confidence is greater after each class. We are very proud of him. Thank you for taking the time to ask how he is enjoying the family class ......


Sara J.

Walnut Grove, September, 2015




Sensei Ali and his family dojo have changed our lives for the better.

We started as a family of white belts almost 8 years ago! My husband is an almost two year black belt, and my daughters are both pending. The experience has brought an un-deniable change to our path of life. It has given us strength both physically, and mentally. It has given us the strength to cope with anything that life throws at us.


My girls who were quite young 8 years ago, are now teenagers, they are confident, and respectful beyond the average girls of their age group. The self-defense methods that have been installed into them, leaves me feeling that my girls will and can handle themselves alone in public, no matter what happens.

Peace of mind, and a love for this martial art is what Sensei Ali has given us.

Sensei's wife Kamelia (also a black belt) trains students as well, and she is amazing! I feel privileged that we are a part of this family.


I would recommend this dojo to anyone, and especially joining and training as a family is very special. It creates a bond and special memories that your children will never forget! Plus, we all need the exercise right! I found it easy being in a group environment, with support, friends, and family around me to cheer me on!!

Sensei Ali is a master of Shotokan Karate. His achievements and skills are truly admirable and breathtaking! We are lucky to have this opportunity to be trained by such a kind and caring Sensei.

Janet Chilas
Walnut Grove, April 2015


I just started 5 sessions ago and I love It! There is a great very friendly environment and Karate is a very good sport to get into!


Trenton S. - 13yr

April 2015


Thank you so much for all the encouragement and positive feedback you give to Braden. Your classes have given Braden so much confidence!

I look forward to watching him to continue to progress.

~ Virginia

April 2015


I just wanted to let you know that Jordan has been working very hard over the past few weeks on writing a speech for the speech fest at his school. Last week he was chosen by his teacher and peers as one of three students in his class to read his speech in front of the entire school, principal and three judges (ex-pricipals) as well as former school trustee. Today he completed that competion and did very well.


I wanted to let you know because I think Jordan's participation in Karate is what helped get him to this stage. Jordan is a very shy boy, with major stage fright. For him to muster up the confdence to be able to present his speech in front of his school was a huge milestone. We're very proud of him, and I thank you and his Karate lessons for the part it has played in him finding this new confidence in himself.


Have a good day,
Julie K.

March 2015


Hi Ali and Kamelia,


We have had a great experience at your dojo.  You are very professional and very organized.  The classes are well structured and you are both so caring and kind.



Jennifer S.

Feb 2015


I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and congratulations on what was an absolutely fabulous day at today's Sato Cup Tournament.  During my limited interactions with your dojo's students, I observed nothing but pure pride and joy.  It was very evident to me that all of the students were extremely well prepared, not only for their individual katas, but for the tournament etiquette in general.   On a personal note, Teagan was absolutely thrilled with being part of the morning and doing well in her kata.


Congratulations to both of you and a sincere thank you for all you do for these very lucky students!





Hi sensei Ali, sempai Kamelia, Nika and Kimya,

I love you guys SO much and I'm so happy to be your karate student. I hope I'm there until I'm a black belt! You're such awesome people, thank you so much!! 


Chloe – 10 years old



Hello Sensei and Kamelia


I just wanted to say thank you from myself, Dave and Keanan.  We have had a wonderful season with lots of "firsts" and a great experience this past weekend at the Provincial tournament.  I am so proud of Keanan and how far he has come.  The training time and encouragement he has received from you is so wonderful and we are thankful.  We look forward to many more wonderful experiences at KNSKA.




Sensei Ali,

Thank you for your awesome teachings and opening my mind to an art that is helping me get through my life during hard times.





I want to thank you for being there for my child today during that difficult time.  You taking the time to sit and comfort her was invaluable.


M. (May 2014)


We all feel your constant love and concern for all of your students. We appreciate that very much. I feel that having you as a mentor has and will make a huge difference in all of our lives ( : 

Janet (May 2014)


I started karate 3 years ago. I am now a purple belt. I like it because it is peaceful and I learn a lot. It is very welcoming and you can make lots friends. The sensei encourages you and teaches very well (he is my dad).

I hope new people come to train with us!
Nika (10)


I wanted to thank you so much for welcoming us into the family dojo that you have created. We will also be sure to recommend your class to others that we know. We were very impressed with the professionalism and warmth we were always greeted with.





A few short months ago I began to study Karate under Sensei Ali at the KimNik Shotokan Karate Academy. In my mid forties and in poor physical condition, it was far outside my comfort zone. Although I have much more to learn, I have already noticed an improvement in my physical conditioning, especially my flexibility.

There exists an atmosphere of mutual support and respect at the Dojo. Sensei Ali, other students and student teachers all participate in supportive environment that has greatly reduced my initial feelings of awkwardness and self-consciousness. As a central tenet of Karate, all students and teachers treat each other with respect - regardless of your age or the color of your belt.  

If you are thinking about starting in Karate, I have no hesitation in recommending the KimNik Shotokan Karate Academy.


J Darren C.

Fort Langley, BC


I heard about KNSKA through a friend of my sons parents (Warren and Sharon). They talked very highly of sensei Najafi. I was already attending a gym Monday through Friday so I didn't see a need for attending karate as well but my son was really excited to do it. Instead of me just sitting on a bench watching him, I decided to join as well. I really liked the idea that I had that option. After my first few classes I have found that I actually enjoy karate more than going to the gym. I have found that the time goes so fast. I am noticing my flexibility and my strength is getting a lot better and I'm also learning Japanese;) I really like the people I have met in my class, everyone is so helpful and no one judges ;) my goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue with my lessons and maybe one day get my black belt ;) I really enjoy sensei Najafi's way of teaching. He will go through it really slowly for you to see exactly how to do the movement perfectly and go over and over it with you. He is very patient and understanding. I look forward to my Monday and Fridays classes ;)

Thank You

Poppy; June 2012



I’m Kimya. I’m 11 years old. I started karate when I was 7 and a half. I’m a purple belt and I’ve been training for about four years now! I love karate because it’s a fun and educational sport. I especially enjoy it because the sensei is my dad! My favorite thing to do in karate is sparring and kata! In karate class we even play games. All of the games are teaching us something good; like in the concentration game it teaches us to be more focused on what we’re doing.  We also go to competitions which are lots of fun and also a great experience. Karate is great since you can train anywhere. Sometimes we train our kata in our kitchen in the morning before going to school. In karate you can also find lots of great friends! I think that everyone in the world should join our karate class!  

Kimya (11)

June 2012


I started my karate journey in another style in 1990.  After reaching the last level before black belt, life got in the way and I drifted away from karate for more than a decade.  Parents of a classmate of my child mentioned they were doing karate so the discussions of my karate past lead to them asking me to come and try out their class.  I was fortunate enough in my previous karate life to train under some very worthy and well known karate instructors in traditional Japanese Karate so I didn’t know if anyone else would make me want to come back to training karate and change styles no less!  After a few weeks I finally agreed to come check out a class, it took me less than a minute observing Sensei Najafi that this would be an excellent opportunity for me to get back to the discipline that I loved and missed.  Sensei Najafi is about as talented a karate practitioner that you will ever see.  He is completely devoted to Karate and is an excellent instructor who lives and breathes the discipline he teaches.  Sensei Najafi has won several tournaments, is a certified National Level Karate official and many of the competitors in the club have medalled at various tournaments.  Kim-Nik Shotokan Karate Academy focuses on both traditional and sport karate and makes training for competitor and non-competitor students very enjoyable and accessible.  The atmosphere is positive, encouraging and fun but the training is spirited, focused and disciplined.  The dojo (club/class) is very unique as there are several families where mother, father and children (mine included) all train at the dojo.  The children (and adults) represent the dojo very well as the culture encourages respect, dignity and compassion for everyone.  My children have experienced victory at tournaments and the joys of success but beyond that are learning positive life skills and carry themselves confidently and are respectful of all people.  As for myself, in two years since coming back, I have endured injuries, career changes and balancing responsibilities of a young family but none of this seems to slow my resolve for wanting to train.  Two years later I have accomplished my short term goal of black belt and a healthier body (lost 20 pounds!).  My long-term goals are to help Sensei grow Kim-Nik Shotokan Academy and to further karate within our dojo and our provincial organization (Karate BC) and to generally give back to something I believe strongly in.  If you have always wanted to try karate but have never found the opportunity to try it, Kim-Nik Shotokan Karate is an excellent choice.  Regardless of age or condition there is a place for everyone at the dojo, come by and see!  Thank you Sensei Najafi for providing such a great dojo, instruction and leadership.


Arigato gozaimashite,

Warren MacLean

June 2012


I have been involved in different sports throughout my life and appreciated the importance of it in my physical-mental health and growth. My children are and have been in other sports of their interest where I have the pleasure to drive them and cheer them in their improvements. 

When my children started karate over a year ago, it took me 2 sessions of watching and then I joined the group as well.

Karate has opened a new window to my life in a way that I never thought it would. I was familiar with some basics as an audience as I had opportunities to watch many competitions before, but I should say I took it for granted that I could get in there and enjoy it myself.

Competition in the sports I was involved with before meant to finish fast and first if you could. But I had to learn it doesn’t matter how fast you get and how many medals you receive, you have your time and the younger generation comes in and all of a sudden you are not the fastest any more.

In Karate you mature and progress with practice. You don’t need to be fastest to get to the finish line rather, you have to work hard in your practice and have a goal to work towards. In our club/ KNSKA we have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, give and receive supports, have fun, meet and become friends to wonderful people. It is not only improving your body but also works on your mind. We set goals and have the guidance to make them achievable for us..


Sensei Ali gives enough individual attention to all and is very clear in his expectations and instructions.

Joining as a family has helped us to bond together in a different way.  My children get to be active when they also practice self control, respecting others, learning priorities, improve focus and attention, know their individual strength and how to improve.  They have the opportunity to lead the stretches and gain confidence. I feel that the skills they learn can save their life or someone else’s in emergency situations. It opens their minds how to handle difficult situations in an assertive way.



Hi, my name is Anna. I am eight years old and I am a yellow belt. I enjoy karate. In karate we do lots of fun things. Now we even do games. But they are all for a reason, like there is a concentration game. My favourite thing to do is sparing, it is really fun, and we get all of our gear on and I like it. Three families do karate, and one girl, and a brother and sister. We also have bring a friend day sometimes, and you give your friend an invitation. I also like grading. I think everybody does. I love the feeling when everybody claps for you and says congratulations to you. But the warm up is really fun too. You should join karate, that is if you want. But if I were you, I would.

Anna,  2010


My name is Janet. I am a 39 year old Mother of two. My daughters and I joined KimNik Karate Academy just over a year ago. We really enjoyed being able to participate in an after school activity together as a family. Having been in-active for years, I immediately began to feel the benefits of regular exercise. My husband joined the class three months later, words cannot describe how thankful we are to have discovered this new improved way of life.


First of all, we train as a family. It is more than just quality time together, it gives us something to discuss, something to practice, we bond as parents and children, motivate each other, praise each other, it is something we look forward to and will never ever forget.

On our journey as Karate-ka's, we are working our way up the coloured belt system, we have developed life-long relationships with our fellow academy members, I feel that we are one big Karate family. We cheer each other on, pat each other on the back, and offer words of encouragement. We observe each other's gradings, with our fingers crossed that he or she will achieve their new belt.

We lose weight, strengthen our muscles, improve our circulation, gain stamina, our energy levels rise, and that is only a part of the physical benefits.


My daughters are under the age of 12. They are learning to be confident, focused, respectful, physically active, and to defend themselves. I don't know of another sport that can offer so many crucial things to a child. And they love it!


I must admit that we are very privileged to have our Sensei. Sensei Ali Najafi is a kind, caring person, and holds a 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate. He is a Master in his field, teaches us proper techniques, in a very safe environment. Our Sensei is not only our teacher, but also our mentor.


I recommend KimNik Karate academy to everyone I meet. I realize that people are often afraid to commit to a regular fitness routine, but once they do, there is no turning back, I feel that I have added years to my life, it is affordable, and I encourage you to give it a try. Join us on our mission to:







Janet, May 4, 2010




I, my wife and my two kids (8 yr and 6 yr old) are part of the KimNik Shotokan Karate Academy for last one year. It is a great honor to learn from our instructor, sensei Ali, who shows lot of dedication and integrity for Shotokan Karate, currently 6 Dan and is aiming for 7 Dan.

I think a good instructor should be humble, friendly, kind and respectful and my whole family can attest to these being the traits of our sensei. Our sensei is always keen on answering all the questions regarding the techniques in a simple language. He is very good with the why and how of little creative minds, which helps them to become confident in their techniques. It is a great feeling to have an instructor who is not only teaching us to be fit, but himself is an embodiment of fitness. 

Our sensei is innovative in adding some games in the dojo, which makes it quite interesting and fun for the young ones and also for the adults. One of my favorite parts of our karate class is the warm up exercises; we all participate in the stretching exercise before doing our Kihons & Katas. The stretching has really helped us to build a strong core and avoid some after class pains. We all enjoy going to the karate class and feel good to have spent some time for the benefit of our body and mind. I would like to add that our sensei is quite flexible and always open to our suggestions. We appreciate the constant reminders in the class about Karate being the martial art for control of our mind and body rather than just a self defense technique.

Rishi B.



May 4, 2010




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