First to Watch


Orientation video to grading

Attendance requirements for Grading

Grading Syllabus

White Belt

1st Grading

Kyu 10

White Belt 

2nd Grading

Kyu 9

Yellow Stripe 1, 2


Orange Belt 

Orange Stripe 1, 2


Green Belt

Green Stripe 1, 2


Blue Belt

Blue Stripe 1, 2


Purple Belt


Main Training Hall:

Unit 110 9347 200A Street

Langley, BC V1M 0B3

(Not a mailing address)

Tel: 778-240-4142email: 

French School Location 

(Currently closed due to COVID-19)

Ecole des Voyageurs

8736-216th St., Walnut Grove,

Langley; BC  V1M 2X9

(Not a mailing address)

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