Re-opening Guidelines 
Our response to Covid-19 


We value our students, staff, Instructors and their families; that is why we have come up with the following policies in order to ensure everyone’s safety. 
We have diligently studied and taken into consideration all recommendations given by Work Safe BC and KBC to ensure our facility has the highest standard of cleanliness and limited occupancy. 
Our Daily cleaning routine uses high grade disinfectants that are effective and environmentally safe. 
Sanitizing our Training Floors after every single class. 
Sanitizing high touch areas, reception area, bathrooms are closed but will be sanitized if ever being used, hand washing stations will happen throughout the day. 
Red mats on the floor dojo indicates where students can stand and train and we have more than 6 feet distance from each other. This is another way we will ensure your safety while training at KimNik Academy. 
Masks are required during the in-dojo training.  

Our Student Rules have been amended to ensure we adhere to all Health Officials recommendations. 
Please help us keep our community safe and follow our Rules to the best of your ability. 
Remember we are here for you, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Please note the following:  
1. Arrive only 7 minutes before class start time – in order to help us manage good traffic control of students entering and students leaving KimNik Academy.  
2. Arrive prepared with your Karate uniform on   
3. Showers and bathrooms are not to be used.  
4. Absolutely no street shoes are allowed in the training area at KimNik Academy. Please bring your gym shoes in your gym bags and put it on when you are in the training area.  

6. Students should bring personal water bottle – water tabs are not to be used until further notice 
7. Uniforms/Training Attire must be washed after every class 
9. Classes must be pre-booked – due to limited number of students per training floor 
10. No Sparring – sparring will be postponed until further notice to ensure physical distancing 
11. Events will be cancelled until further notice 
12. No Spectators during classes  

13. Testing Days OR Hours will be separated – will separate students in smaller groups to ensure their family members can be there to support them 
14. Strictly Enforced – no student, instructor, or assistant may come to KimNik Academy if they have any symptoms related to COVID-19. Coughing, fever, sneezing, or any flu like symptoms 
15. Upon Entry everyone will step in to the tray with wet sanitizing and then step on the dry towel.  

 sanitize their hands 
16. Upon entry everyone must sanitize their hands.  

17. Sanitizing solution is provided throughout the dojo.   
18. Entry and Exit – will be monitored and clearly marked 
20. Games – taken into consideration Physical Distancing we will have no touch games for Kids/Youth classes.  
22. Drop Off/Pick Up – Classes will finish on time for timely drop off and pick up.  

23. We are dedicating special area for families to train together.  

24. We have 15 minutes break between each class in order to sanitize the floor and to keep the number of students in the dojo manageable.  

25. Attendances are being done independently and individually using the scanner.  

KimNik Karate Academy Team